Margaret Atwood who?

I thought this political cartoon in the Sunday Star was hilarious!

Apparently, there is a movement to promote Margaret Atwood for Mayor of Toronto. You might not know what she looks like, according to Doug Ford, who claims that 98% of the population would not even know her if they saw her. You might know her literary works from the Edible Woman, to Cats Eye to the Handmaids Tale, also a feature film and Opera.

I suspect that Doug Ford isn’t much of a reader. After all, he thinks that there are more Public Library’s in his hood than Tim Hortons. I mean, is that such a bad thing? Ms. Atwood is against cuts to the Toronto Public Libraries, but KPMG has made this recommendation to City Council as one of many cost saving measures.

Doug Ford believes that she has a right to an opinion when she gets a seat on Toronto City Council.   That can certainly be arranged.