Why I Quit Huffington Post

Oh, Huffington Post, when did it all go so wrong?  We had a great relationship, but like all good things, it must come to an end.  It’s not you, really, it’s me.  OK, it’s not me it’s you, but you’ve changed, you see.  And I liked things the way they were before, before you sold out.

You know what I’m talking about. Your founder, who found a voice for my generation cashed in to the first Libertarian that came a long, with deep pockets and even deeper connections.  What’s that?  You were never left wing, you say?  I guess that you sold me a rotten bag of goods then.

Where should I begin with my displeasure with you?  Was it the Huffington Post Canada site that is rarely even Canadian.  Or perhaps all of the wardrobe malfunction pixs or celebutard articles on Lindsay Lohan or Brittany Spears, not to mention relationship experts or mommy experts or germ experts and bad puns.  Oh, gawd, I will not miss those.

It’s happened before where I’ve had no choice but to call it quits.  Sometimes opposites attract, and for a while I wanted a taste for the other side in 1010 CFRB, finding at least some balance with John Moore and even enjoyed Bill Carroll’s show (he was my boss during an internship during his Q107 days) because thanks to his wife, he didn’t think breastfeeding in public was disgusting, but in the end I had to surrender to the idea that it would never work.  We came from two different worlds.

I had a brief fling with facebook.  Everyone did, really.  He’s quite the slut and gets around with all of the ladies.  But I found that my privacy was being compromised, so that deep confidences were finding their way to advertisers wanting to sell me their wares.  Oh, facebook, why did you have to betray my trust?  Without trust, we have nothing.

And then there was the Globe and Mail, an older and wiser publication.  I was never crazy about him to begin with.  I’d only let him take me out once in a while, for laughs.  But when I discovered that Margaret Wente, one of his columnists was stealing other people’s writing and pretending it was her own, I had to call the whole thing off.  I can’t abide stealing. Oh, and you sucked in bed.

So what’s really the straw that broke the camel’s back? It began back in 2011 when you appointed Danielle Crittenden, founder of The Women’s Quarterly and writer of retro-chick verbiage What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us: Why Happiness Eludes the Modern Woman, as Managing Editor of Blogs for Huff Po Canada.  No longer a Canadian resident, she featured blogs by David Frum (her husband) and Peter Worthington – founder of the Toronto Sun (her stepfather), both staunch conservatives.  She praised Conrad Black in her own blogs while featuring his blogs on her own page.  How could things get any worse, you say?

Bring in Marni Soupcoff, the replacement Managing Editor of Blogs for Huff Po. Her pedigree includes former columnist and deputy comment editor at the National Post and pro-bono lawyer at the Institute for Justice, a libertarian public interest American law firm.  She returned to Toronto having lived State side for many years, including attending US schools and law school.  Clearly, she doesn’t have her finger on the pulse of Canada.  But now she begins to use the pulpit she has been given to spout her American ideals such as defending the 2nd Amendment rights, despite not being an American herself.  She was a regular contributor to The American Enterprise – Online, a politically conservative magazine, where in 2003, she wrote an article titled: I am a Subject, Not a Citizen – But you should see me with a Gun*.  The article expressed her unwillingness to accept guns into her own life, until she had the opportunity to shoot one herself, while at a shooting range in Florida. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Protect Yourself
Protect Yourself

 I am still not a gun nut. I doubt I ever will be. But I can now understand, on a gut rather than just an intellectual level, the liberating power of possessing the ability and the means to protect oneself and one’s freedoms. It is what makes Americans an especially privileged people.

Most, if not all, of her opinion pieces in the National Post were right leaning; anti-abortion, anti- government, anti-women, anti-legislation…pro-gun, pro-big business, pro-military. So HuffPo, it’s farewell from me.  I have cancelled my membership, never to return again.  Please don’t email, or call or text.  You are so much better than that.  Well actually, you aren’t.

*This article was originally posted on TAE Magazine Online & Iconoclast.ca – but both links are now dead.


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