Ford Nation Failure

Graeme MacKayI would normally consider it a good thing for Toronto to be in the news so much lately. We are, after all, a world class city – even if that is up for debate. But no, the news hasn’t been about our crumbling infrastructure or mass transit plans or waterfront. It’s been about our Mayor, Rob Ford.

Let me be clear, and I’m sure that you know this by the title of my blog. I am no Rob Ford fan. And honestly, it really has nothing to do with his private life or his appearance. It’s about his policies, pure and simple. I don’t agree with them, even long before he became mayor. And yes, he is supposed to speak for the common man. Well, dear readers, despite my political leanings to the left, I am a member of the common man, or the working class. I am certainly no elitist.

But here’s the thing. While I did vote for David Miller as our last mayor, I did not support every policy or issue that he personally supported. In fact, there were times that I was very critical, including his mishandling of the garbage strike, a stinky few weeks in Toronto’s history.

So I ask Ford supporters, why, given all of the new evidence surfacing, including today’s press conference by Bill Blair stating that the police have in possession the allege video tape of Ford smoking crack, do you continue to support him?

I think that a good share of the blame has been placed upon the left-wing, who some believe have gone out of their way to single handedly destroy the man’s reputation or that the media, in all of their mighty power, have also contributed to his decline. What I say to you is this – no one held a gun to his head (that we know of). No one forced him to do any of this. He alone has behaved this way, and he alone should be held accountable.

And many of you, still sticking by his side the same way the Cons continue to support Harper during his current fall from grace, say that this is just a distraction from the real issues and to leave the man well enough alone.

Should someone who works in public life really have all of the same right to privacy as private citizens? Is the Mayor held to a higher standard since they are a representative of the city? No and Yes, in that order.

If there is any distraction from council getting the work done, again this rests squarely on Mayor Ford’s shoulders, and he should step aside and let council get some work done. Instead, he is determined to run once again for Mayor. Well, if he won’t bow out, we’ll just have to vote him out.


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