Racism Nation

hatersHater (definition) is a derogatory term which refers to a person who expresses hatred in public forums, especially those found on the web such as YouTube.

Haters are distinguished from trolls who seek to attract attention by making provocative comments. Source Wikipedia

Recently I‘ve noticed a trend – haters – those using on-line media as their own personal pulpit to spew hate – have hijacked the word for themselves so that the haters have martyred themselves.  They are merely speaking the truth in their minds, and if the truth hurts, ya better just suck it up, butter cup and grow yerself a new pair. It’s not against the law to offend somebody, or something like that.

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post called 2013: The Year of HateWell guess what?  The year of hate is quickly turning into the decade of hate. I’m not sure what happened, but somewhere along the line, Canadians lost their moral compass.

Racism and bigotry were often believed to be alive and well stateside, while those living on this side of the border showed tolerance and acceptance.  Growing up in Canada, I rarely heard a racist word or utterance, and when I did, it was always shocking.  It wasn’t something good people said, and even those that in my mind were not good people, would only say it under their breath or to a like-minded audience.

Thanks to social media, all that has now changed.

It’s like the flood-gates of racist repression has been opened and the entire country is awash with hatred and bigotry.  I recently read this excellent article by Charlie Angus discussing this new form on on-line commenting, that he viewed as troll-like behaviour. Just below the article is this  posting – even used his own name:


Unfortunately, it is not just the trolls that are responsible for this shift. It is coming from everyone. The right, the left, the elderly, the young, the educated and the ignorant. Hatred is all around us.  They’re so tenacious, they aren’t even concerned that a potential employer or school might discover their rants, not to mention work colleagues, family members, etc.  Even this particular shaming that I’m doing here, would most likely get no reaction – might even be proud of it.

Sure, the bigots try to hide behind their ‘political correctness gone awry’ arguments and their ‘everyone is too sensitive’ opinions or ‘I’m not racists or homophobic, some of my best friends are black/gay’.  Seriously.

No shame in racism nowadays.  Let’s put it all out there folks, in black and white so the whole world will know how much I hate my fellow man (or in this case, just all First Nations folk). Ezra Levant, the father of all hatred must feel so proud.

In response to Attawapiskat First Nation fire:



Regarding Regina university cheerleaders dressing up like cowboys and Indians:

Regarding the national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women, not even attempting to stay on topic:

john galt

In response to the Quebec charter of values:


Regarding to TDSB’s request to ban nudity at the Toronto Pride Parade:


So why is this happening?  Anyone’s guess, but I think it comes from always caused these shifts in people’s minds.  They’re pissed.  And they want someone to blame.  Isn’t that what bigotry generally is about?  That, mixed with this new fuck-you-Jack, I’ve got mine attitude so plentiful south of the border now leaching into our own identity.  Once proudly multicultural, many Canadians feel a threat coming. It begins with government policy and trickles down into the awareness of the people.

I personally think that it’s all one big smoke screen created as a diversion away from what is really on everyone’s minds: the erosion of the middle class.  If people weren’t losing their jobs and their investments, seeing their hard earned money lining the pockets of the excessively wealthy, they wouldn’t be sitting around bitching about someone they never met, or some group that’s never done them harm or never will.

But words like terrorism, entitlements and wasted government tax dollars will rile the average person when their hard earned money is threatened by some invisible group, even if that group isn’t even the real threat.

My only hope is that these attitudes will slowly die away.  Like a star that is about to die, becomes so bright just before it is extinguished.  Let’s hope that our young people of the near future will see things differently than Cdn 2525, Kory J et al.  Otherwise, we are doomed to live this out until our most likely demise.