Lucy DecoutereThank you for coming to my blog.

Looking for balance?  You’ve come to the wrong place.  This site was created for all things left in the city of Toronto and beyond.  I always try to approach issues with a cheeky sense of humour  – poking fun at politics and policies in this great city of ours.



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  1. Hello,
    I’ve been active in the far-right for 25+ years. If you’d like to know the bedrock, de facto universal beliefs of (approximately) 90% of the far-right, I urge you to read these articles I wrote:

    Multiculturalism Results In Conflict. A Call For All of Humanity To Return To Sovereign/Bordered Ethno-States (i.e., Nation-States).

    An older version of the above article:
    I Am A Humanitarian Which Is Why I FIRMLY Believe In Racial Separation

    What is Fascism?

    Liberals Are Very Useful To The Globalist Elite (and this is why the globalist elite fund liberal/leftist activist groups)

    As you pointed out in your piece referencing Tarantino’s film, yes, indeed there are many offshoot/periphery areas of disagreement within the entirety of the ALT-RIGHT and FAR-RIGHT movements. Regardless, nearly everyone (I’d estimate between 90% – 95%) firmly, unequivocally, adheres to the above ideas/beliefs.



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